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Travarsa Private Limited was founded in 2016 with the aim of empowering e-businesses having an effective Internet marketing solutions and providing complete IT solutions, real estate investment, interiors and Travel Consultancy. can be an online portal which supplies a cloud-based business services platform, specialized in helping Entrepreneurs easily start and promote their web based business and offline using advance and latest software and technologies with an affordable cost. At, our company offers complete web solutions with services like Web Hosting, Web Designing, SEO Services, Digital Marketing, Software Redistribution, Email and SMS Marketing, Content Development and Technical Writing.

Our Online Services include:
web hosting
Web Hosting Services
Travarsa Web Hosting service is sold with loaded features like site building tools and templates, one-click application installer and all that you should launch an online site and take your idea or web based business. Read More about “Web Hosting Services”…

Content Writing Services
We provide unique and SEO friendly effective content writing services to your online and offline platforms. We deliver quality contents depending on your business requirements, for Webpage, Blogs, Magazines, eBooks. Read More about “Content Writing Services”…

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Services
We provide best Search Engine Optimization services and handle website SEO Audit, Keyword analysis & Optimization, SEO plus much more. Our team will let you reach your market & achieve higher goals. Read More about “Search Engine Optimization Services”…

pay per click
Pay Per Click Services
We provide Pay Per Click Management programs in an affordable price. We assist you to improve your traffic stats and acquire quality and relevant traffic using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, along with Social media Channels. Read More about “Pay Per Click Services”…

Web Designing Services
We assist you to integrate your web site with latest E-commerce solutions and payment gateways. An embedded payment buttons, payment API integration and latest commerce application services will supercharge your sale and Read More about “Web Designing Services”…

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Digital Marketing Services
We offer an effective online marketing strategy by implementing different techniques & tools like Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, Bulk SMS & more. Read More about “Digital Marketing Services”…

WordPress Web Development & Design Solutions
We provide complete WordPress Solutions, beginning from installation to advance customization, migration, theme and plugin development and implementation, you can expect all the WordPress Web Development Services. Read More about “WordPress Web Development & Design Solutions”…

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We are for sale to discuss your small business needs and answer questions you may have. Enter your details and we’ll reply shortly. Read More about “CONTACT US”…

Social Media Marketing Services
Our Social Media Marketing Experts will give you best online exposure, targeted audience and internet-based identity on Social media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram plus much more. Read More about “Social Media Marketing Services”…

Technical Writing Services
Our team of expert technical writers provides exceptional technical contents, we use latest technology, industry standard, suggestions & publishing tools in numerous delivery formats to supply quality output. Read More about “Technical Writing Services”…

Increase User Interaction on Your Website

Your organization’s site is the facial skin of your small business. This the fact is very critical for upgrading the visibility of one’s business for your expected clients and potential clients. Expanding your client commitment diminishes your bounce rate, builds the traffic creating more leads at your fingertips, at long last, more transformations to cause an expansion from the development of the business. Here, we provide a few essential and successful ways to build your client connection in your site at a website specialist’s viewpoint.

Ease of Navigation

When that you are outlining your web site, try and make it effortlessly accessible and safe for your web site clients. Outline your route bar so that it is steady on almost every site page of one’s site. Confounding and convoluted plans which may have a tendency to befuddle a guest really should dependably be put away from whatever it takes, as guests tend to be fretful and won’t invest enough energy to learn about the substance on the site. Truth be told, uncluttered and efficient route configuration builds the chance of boosting the volume of guests and furthermore inside meantime expands the trendy estimation on the webpage’s website composition.

Public Opinion About your brand within the website

Giving Testimonials and therefore, mentioning your past work says a good deal in regards in your business. Individuals’ feelings and encounters about your organization add as a tribute to approving the services you receive and products. This is a magnificent element and will need to be given with your site to obtain the trust along with a positive social approval in regards to the overall population assessment about the services you receive.
Since people that invest energy online are dependably vigilant for realizing what others have to say regarding the offerings they would must utilize, along creases outline your website in such a path thus, to the level that you incorporate this component and that will profit you above the long haul by prompting higher changes. For instance, a Website Designing Company in Delhi is most likely going to have online clients that are scanning for popular sentiment about Delhi based organizations giving website designing services.

we please take a pro-active approach in understanding your small business and your target audience within your industry, besides making sure that every design element will continue to work towards achieving your long-term business goals and objectives. Even if that you are looking for online marketing or rebranding your small business, we’ve got the solution. Our development company can assure you which you will be a satisfied and also a repeat-business client following with us. We are also confident that you just will consider us as one from the best website designing providers if you mention b2b portal development especially inside the country and globally at the same time.

WordPress Website Design

To make your website attractive and differentiate yourself from other places, it is possible to take advantage from the WordPress development service. Your website is definitely unique.

There isn’t doubt that today’s internet promotion has a assortment of aspects. In this era with the Internet, website marketing has become one in the largest platforms for promoting websites. The competition between different web owners has greatly increased. Therefore, it is critical to adopt one in the most advanced and up-to-date strategies, through which you’ll be able to increase brand awareness and have more customers to your web page. The strategy adopted by marketing ought to be that each website seemingly unique and dynamic. It’s worth noting that WordPress is a service where websites can rank well from search engine lists like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.

In relation to functionality, flexibility and security, no website cms can beat WordPress. WordPress is usually a versatile website cms that allows you to easily develop and manage your site with the help of WordPress. Whether you wish to develop a custom blog or maybe a commercial website, WordPress website development is your ideal solution.

WordPress website design and development isn’t just about clicking the install button nowadays easily obtainable in all hosted cpanel.There are many behind-the-scenes considerations that affect your web site. WordPress is often a very flexible site design program. It can handle a wide assortment of things, turning it into easy for you or perhaps your designer to possess complete control. This means it could be similar to like a child within a dessert shop that would like to see everything. But usually, the less the better, the temptation to incorporate every imaginable ringtone and whistle “just in case” is worth it.

Why choose WordPress to make a powerful website
It’s free and simple to use platform
Thousand of themes give more creativity over a designer
Use of Plug-ins cuts down on coding efforts and file size too.
Secured system

WordPress would be the world’s most in-demand free and open source platform for ecommerce web development. Now Indian professionals are building websites in WordPress. Not only that, but Delhi’s website design company is also devoted to providing hosting. With website design. Design and development are consistent, plus the organization’s hosting is icing for the cake, so no matter where you need to hire a professional, you are able to provide these services.

Most Important Benefits A Business Gets

The significance of the digital technology advancement nowadays has prompted traditional businesses worldwide for making their presence more visible within the online market. There is a greater requirement for websites being flexible, responsive and SEO friendly so as to boost their business’ exposure and visibility, regardless of their size and scale.

Those who’re planning to create his or her online store should look into using an HTML template to create and develop their website inside the best possible way. That being said, they must use a web design template to capture the eye of their market, get them to stay longer for their site and boost sales conversion.

Best Advantages of Using Web Design Templates

Time Saver

It might take a significant amount of time for you to hire a web design company in addition to communicate with they of web designers and designers intended for the overall style of a website. In order to get a well-built facts website, individuals have to wait patiently for weeks and in some cases worse, months. Spending money and being patient doesn’t necessarily guarantee desirable results. Therefore, to avoid wasting time and stay away from the possible disappointment, they ought to use the HTML template web. Since the site templates are already coded, a site developer won’t need a lot of time for it to customize them. The moment they’ve got added their content, they are able to launch the website in a matter of days.

Looks Professional

People could make their online shop look more exciting yet professional by utilizing an HTML Template to create their site. These coded templates, which might be created by the leading template designers, take into account the different business sectors and verticals. For this reason, people that use this won’t are having issues of getting a feature-rich website design template that may be suitable for their web based business requirements. They will get each of the great features in the professionally developed HTML template including email, map, video embedding, anti-spam, security and flash, amongst others.

Save Money

The quite a bit of money they will save when you use one of the best company web themes can be bought other aspects of the online company. Even if these affordable, coded HTML templates are offered on the internet, creating a site from scratch would significantly enhance their expenses. It is easy to manage these models. Even if they may not be equipped with any coding skills and technical knowledge, they’re able to add content and administer the website with ease.


During nowadays, so that you can easily surpass their competition and also improve the website’s browsing Google, Yahoo, Bing and also other popular yahoo and google, they should be use SEO within their business website. They have to optimize their internet site to boost its online presence, drive large volumes of organic traffic and boost their sales. An HTML template has built-in SEO features that can let them optimize their internet site with accuracy.

There Any Disadvantages to Website Templates

Website templates have many advantages but people should likewise consider their share of disadvantages. For instance, may possibly not be easy to customize a web site template to fit their requirements. If this is so, they want the required skills or software to accomplish it on their own.

They are certainly not unique and exclusive.

Since site templates are downloaded on the internet, they’re accessible to many, other users. Therefore, these templates usually are not unique and only at a person, company or business. When people utilize them, they will often end up with an internet site that looks similarly to others. To make sure that nobody uses the identical website template, they can need to pay a hefty price because of it. The problem is, other clients may have downloaded and worn the extender before they can saw it. So, should they want a selective design for company or personal use, they desire a custom website development.

There are limitations with regards to customization.

There is simply certain point out which a web site template might be tweaked. For this reason, it will not be suitable thus to their needs. In case it is a lot of information and they choose an internet site template with space, any additional text might change what sort of layout looks by stretching it. By this time, they might have pointed out that the template doesn’t work for them though they have paid for doing this and could have downloaded it.

Customization requires specific software.

There are site templates that can be easily customized, edited and updated if you use Microsoft Frontpage along with other available web authoring software however, some are more complex they require good experience in coding, website-building and photo-editing. They should, somehow, be informed in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash or HTML code. They may donrrrt you have the skills or software to edit, customize boost their site. If this is the truth, some might need to employ a web developer for the job of customizing and/or updating their web template.

Image optimization requires skills.

In order for websites to load fast, they require to be familiar with optimizing images to the web. When they do not have access to the skills required plus the photo-editing software for image optimization, this makes the website development process slow down and they also will require help of a webmaster.

They have to use search engine optimisation.

Website templates only give you the frame of any site and are certainly not optimized available by yahoo and google. In order to attract search engines like google, they must give importance thus to their web content. They should recognize that search engines tend to be drawn to text than images. Website templates that contain lots of graphics together with Flash animation effects are captivating however, these take a serious amounts of load plus these is not going to drive search engines thus to their website. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how great a Flash website looks, it may end up below the various search engines rankings.

Advantages of Using Website Templates

What they see is really what they get

Creating a site with the by using a ready-made template doesn’t require imagination since people should expect how the finished product will look like regardless of whether there is going to be changes and iterations in the process and if their webmaster of choice understood their requirements. They can customize an internet site template by changing the words, colors and photos to make it look a little different on the original.


Time is valuable. Websites made up of a template are going to be operating simply a portion of the time needed to formulate a custom website after they have the pictures and content had to customize their site template that may suit their requirements. It can take months to cultivate a custom built website, depending on how complex it truly is. This time-frame may be compared to your few days/hours to get a template to turn into a completely developed website.


People pays as low as $30 to $65 to acquire a striking, professionally-designed website. On the other hand, a custom-designed website could cost up to $5,000. In addition, they’re able to choose from many free templates but limited functionality and design plus they cannot expect tech support whenever needed.


Due for the stiff online competition, people may now choose from your several, different designs and packages which are suitable for the requirements. On the contrary, a custom-built website offers only 2-3 choices. With regard to site templates, folks are spoiled with all the numerous choices on the net.


A website have to be visually attractive to draw targeted traffic to it. Professionals design both ready-made site templates and custom templates. So, people might make use of top-notch quality designs without the high expenses related to custom design. They can pick from a multitude of striking template designs online. Since some companies offer high quality templates than the others, they will be cautious and not merely give in towards the aggressive sale pitches on other sites. They should use their right judgment in selecting the web template that may reveal a whole lot about their company.


Website templates which might be designed by professionals have standard pages for instance “about”, “home’, “contact’ and “services”. Some templates provide capabilities to display a portfolio, photo gallery and/or communication or community networking features for example a blog, bulletin board or newsletter. Still, a lot more complex web themes as well as e-commerce websites present dynamic features including live chat, online ordering and debit card processing. It is important to remember that such features requires the support from other web host so it may function well.


The look of an online site template is just part of the real picture. What is more important may be the way it functions. Is it simple for customers to obtain the content they require? Are the navigation links consistent throughout the site? Do visitors know where they’re, where they are going to go next and how they’ll get back to where they started? Website templates provide them with a feel of these site’s navigation.

Should You Be Using Web Design Templates?

There are several factors men and women need to take note in creating his or her website. They should think of how the site will likely be hosted, which CMS are going to be used and who can develop and gaze after it. It is crucial to pick whether they can create a custom website design or employ a template.

Creating a custom website development means beginning scratch by using CSS, HTML and PHP to make a site that may be specific on their brand and requirements. On the other hand, having a template makes it possible to pick from a variety of pre-made site skeletons which can be adjusted to fit their needs.

These two options get their pros and cons and decision will probably be based for their personal needs. The attributes of using a website design template are listed below.

Simple Set-Up

When developers build a template, they will remember that it will probably be used by those with all degrees of development experience to handle many different functions. As a consequence, their template can have a huge amount of widgets, incorporated functionality together with options that may ease their job of establishing in addition to permitting them to be flexible in creating their web page design.

In case they can be just new only at that, templates is going to be able to give them a framework where they’re able to easily plug their site’s content. Those who are knowledgeable in website design can utilize a template as being a starting line to get more complex adjustments.

Low Costs

Aside from being easy to set up, web page templates are cost-efficient in numerous, other ways. The template itself incorporates a relatively affordable like about $60 to $120 however the setup and development pricing is reduced a lot more by maximizing the opportunity of the template’s integrated features. Even if they determine hiring a web host/web page design company to generate their site or take action by themselves, time they will save in using site templates as compared to custom web designs will allowed them to save a large amount on development.

Lots of Choices

When the idea of “WordPress Templates” is searched on Google, individuals will get countless results. When it comes to utilizing a template, any particular item is what you obtain, so they really know what should be expected in their final product. Due to the plethora of choices, the most difficult part of having a template is selecting which is ideal for their design needs.

Integrated Functionality

More often than not web templates have a great deal of integrated functionality, including SEO features and WYSIWYG editing abilities which will make them save money on time, money and in every region of website management.

Reliable Updates

Lastly, when buying a website template, most of them get theme updates and future support in order to keep their site active and diminish bugs on the way. WordPress along with other updates to CMS platform could cause theme issues and something of the greatest advantages of by using a website template is becoming support from theme developers whenever stuff like this happens.